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Add Gear Carry Mat 5 mm

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Trekking Hiking Camping Close cell Carry Mat 5 mm is ideal for Trekking, Hiking, Camping

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Ideal for Trekking, Hiking, Camping.

Trekking Hiking Camping Close cell Carry Mat 5 mm

Some kind of insulation is essential to prevent heat loss when sleeping on snow or cold ground. Our Rest Pad is a closed-cell rubber foam pad that is lightweight, water-proof, inexpensive, and comfortable and very effective on snow or cold ground. This sleeping mat is made of EVA foam, or ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, which is clear, resistant to water, glossy, tough at low temperature, resistant to stress and crack, and resistant to harmful UV radiation. The foam makes the mat lightweight, easy-to-carry, and comfortable. When you are out for hiking, trekking, or camping, you can add this mat to your sleeping bag as an extra layer for a comfortable and sound sleep. You do not need to worry about your mat getting damaged due to folds as it is resistant to crack and can withstand external stress or pressure.

This camping equipment has a size of 75-inch x 20 inches when opened and rolls up to a diameter of 4 inches This mat gives adequate padding. The mat ensures comfort to the user allowing him to have a great night’s sleep. You do not need to worry about the mat getting damaged due to accidental spills, as the mat is resistant to water and dries in no time. This mat is easy to carry as it can be effortlessly rolled up or stacked away without any inconvenience. Lightweight, these mats offer insulation through closed air cells within the foam material. These trap air within the foam and protect you from the cold ground.

As they are made of closed air cells (meaning no air can escape each cell, these foam mats will not compress. This makes them a much firmer and can be rolled when stored away. So if you are looking for a light foam camping mat that is durable and will keep you warm and comfortable all year round, this could be the mat for you.

Lightweight Carrymat for Hiking trekking 5 mm thick PU Closed-cell Foam construction makes this mat lightweight and comfy The camping mat is a comfortable, lightweight foam camping mat offers an extra layer under your sleeping bag for added comfort

This Product is Proudly MADE IN INDIA !!!

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