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Add Gear Archery Manipuri Bamboo Arrow (Pack of 3)

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Archery Manipuri Bamboo Arrow (Pack of 3)

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Archery Manipuri Bamboo Arrow (Pack of 3)
Archery in Manipur is as old as the Manipuri culture itself. The bamboo bow and arrow has been in action since time immemorial, be it for battles, hunting, or recreational sports.
An archer shooting an arrow experiences cast, essentially the arrow’s speed and distance.
The greater the cast – the greater an arrow’s speed/distance/momentum – the better.
Fast arrows spend less time in the air, take a more direct route to the target, are less affected by wind and atmospheric conditions.
However, for a given cross-sectional area, a slightly heavier arrow will punch through the air better at the expense of sight marks at longer distances.

Manipuri Bamboo Arrow (Pack of 3)
To find out your approx. draw length holds a tape measure in your bow hand and then pull (draw) the tape measure as you would a bowstring to the corner of your mouth. Make sure you are standing as if you were going to shoot and that your bow arm is out straight and the elbow of the arm you are holding the string with is kept high and in-line with your bow arm.
Now you have an idea of you draw length, we advise you add approx 1″ to your measurement to get your arrow length, this is for personal safety as it can be very dangerous to shoot with an arrow too short.

Standard length varies from 28″ to 30″ Length
Shape, straightness, and mass
Transverse oscillation
Various Sizes
Unlike other arrows as compressed natural wood, bamboo is not a manufactured product. The arrows are dry, sanded and straightened, cut to your suitable size
Bamboo is very strong, and according to the specialists, more durable than wooden barrels
Perfectly suited for recreational shooting and hunting
Perfect Shape, straightness, mass, and stiffness
Transverse oscillation, size to suit your draw length

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